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Managing Your Mental Load Webinar - RECORDING

"Mental Load" simply put is the reality that we often have emotional, spiritual and relational clutter in our minds and hearts that we are "carrying around" and it's causing significant fatigue. Join Pastor Steph O'Brien as she walks through the concept of Mental Load, how we can understand it cognitively and spiritually, and then how we can manage it and join God in clearing our the clutter!



Personal Development Plan #ToolsOfTheTrade

During the tools of the trade podcast series we discussed how to create your own personal development plan. We would love to offer this resource to you for free. Also, please check out to see more from Dr. Christine Osgood LMFT D.Min to learn more about the featured Wellbeing Wheel.



The Value of Feedback Digital Download

It’s often difficult to figure out how much weight to give a piece of feedback you may get as a leader. This guide helps you keep it in it’s proper place in your life because ALL FEEDBACK IS NOT CREATED EQUAL.

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LEAD ON Digital Download

The world around us is constantly shifting and shaking.

Then if the shaking around us was not enough, there is the shaking and the shifting within, yes as we watch the world around us and feel its effects. But also as we address our own challenges. Will we recover, or be defined by this moment?

And somewhere in the midst of all this, we’re supposed to lead?

How do we lead in a world we barely recognize anymore? How do we lead when we struggle to process our own thoughts and feelings? 

This resource is designed to help you LEAD ON.

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