Personal Development Plan #ToolsOfTheTrade

During the tools of the trade podcast series we discussed how to create your own personal development plan. We would love to offer this resource to you for free. Also, please check out to see more from Dr. Christine Osgood LMFT D.Min to learn more about the featured Wellbeing Wheel.



Hello/Goodbye Live Event // RECORDING AVAILABLE

Download the recording of the online event for those who want to GET READY FOR 2019!

Our highly anticipated yearly process helps you look back in order to move forward with confidence in to the new year now has an online event opportunity.

Your registration will offer you a video link sent right to your email.

2018-2019 Hello/goodbye Digital Download!

Step into 2019 with intentionality with this important process that helps you know how to say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019!

Whether you will do this process on your own, with a friend, or with a group - just make sure you go for it! We have downloads for individuals as well as groups of all sizes!

THIS YEAR the download includes an special SMALL GROUP GUIDE to give instructions for how to lead a group through this process.


Resource COllection

Lead Stories Media is committed to equipping leaders who want to be intentional with their influence. Check out our collection of digital downloads and videos that can empower any leader to grow!

Check out our resource collection!