Preaching Workshop

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Questions for discussion…

What motivation do you feel like you are hitting on the most in your preaching?

What is the easiest motivators with your context?

What’s at stake if we motivate with the “human” motivations?

Top Things that can improve your preaching that we often don’t do:

  1. Make a “Lymbic Lock” in the first minute.

  2. Being sure you build good tension up front.

  3. Making sure our big idea is clear and memorable.

  4. Speak to the lives people are actually living - not just aspirational ones.

  5. Reading scripture as though it’s the most authoritative words we will say that day.

  6. Engaging all the senses.

  7. Checking our “Christian assumptions”

  8. Remember the “sitcom principle”

  9. Come in for a smooth landing.

  10. Let God have it.

Questions for discussion…

Which of these are easiest for you to miss?

What is a next step for you from today?

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