Podcasts From Lead Stories Media

We desire to offer great content and recourses from diverse voices that cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to life and leadership.

Check out our current podcasts and stay tuned as there are more to come!

Lead stories podcast

This is our flagship podcast with co-hosts Jo Saxton and Pastor Steph discussing leadership topics and sharing their own stories. They also bring on a wide range of guests that challenge us all as people of influence.

The dream of you podcast

This podcast follows most of the chapters of The Dream of You, the influential and most recent book by Jo Saxton. Jo and some of her most intriguing friends discuss the question: who were you before anyone told you who you were allowed to be? 

More podcasts coming soon!

The hope is for Lead Stories Media to continue to produce great podcasts that are relevant to the lives of different audiences as they desire to live with intentionaltiy and leverage their inflience and potential in Kingdom ways.